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Go Beyond Ordinary Websites. Discover easy-to-customize Framer templates, made by leading experts.

Billify – Invoice Framer Template

$25.00 - $149.00

Billify is a modular invoice template for Framer. Easily configure your invoices and send them purely digital with a link to your customers.

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CourseOS – Framer Template

$149.00 - $499.00

The Course Operating System is a template that lets you host your online course directly in Framer and protect it with Outseta.

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CyberFolio – Framer Template

$35.00 - $199.00

The CyberFolio Template is a dark-themed website template for Framer that can be used for personal and portfolio websites. It's designed mobile-first and offers CMS-powered blog articles and case studies. A gorgeous mobile navigation lets your visitors navigate with ease.View the demoRequires a free Framer account to edit and publish.

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Dashfolio – Framer Template

$85.00 - $399.00

Show, sell, and write – With Dashfolio, a dashboard-styled portfolio website template built for Framer, you can present yourself in ideal shape online. This template is perfect for designers, marketers, and developers!Demo:

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Dashfolio+ Framer Template

$199.00 - $899.00

Looking to shape your own digital space that encompasses your ideas, products, projects, thoughts, and personal brand? Dashfolio+ provides the ideal platform to seamlessly integrate it all and showcase your unique self.Next to many new features, I also want to introduce the new sidebar, which is powered by keyboard shortcuts and features a new collapsed state, that also gets saved when you leave the site and come back!A few facts:24 page-types8 CMS collectionsAuto light/dark modeBuilt-in searchVery fast performanceImportant: Dashfolio+ needs a Framer Pro hosting plan (you get 3 free months on a Pro annual subscription). Additionally, you need a FramerAuth subscription if you want to use the optional membership feature as well. After purchasing the template, you get 20% off from FramerAuth in your first year as a little present.View Demo Website

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Linx – Framer Template

$15.00 - $149.00

Linx is a very simple mobile-first linktree Framer template packed with various widgets that can be used as a link in bio site.Visit the demo:

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Moonlight – Publication Framer Template

$19.00 - $199.00

Publication and newsletter template designed in a dark and premium look and feel. Easily add new issues in the CMS. The search feature helps to find your articles fast.Designed for Mobile-FirstQuick-Search with a custom shortcut (S)Elegant dark themeCMS-driven articles99 Lighthouse Performance ScoreCustomizable Colors and font stylesSeamless Page Transition (Only supported by Chrome)Check out the demo

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Supply – Framer eCommerce Template

$99.00 - $499.00

Sell digital products directly in Framer powered by Lemonsqueezy with this Framer template.Supply was built with the intention to help designers, creatives and marketers to sell within Framer through a custom eCommerce solution powered by Lemonsqueezy, which offers the best user experience for checkout. Its pixel-perfect layout and minimalist style offers you a very high quality Framer template that will last for a long time. Thanks to the fast hosting, your visitors will experience a fast, seamless, and fun shopping experience.Supply offers a themed experience – it shows a light or dark theme depending on the users' appearance settings in their browser or operating system.Demo link:

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Updates – Changelog Framer Template

$19.00 - $149.00

Easily add your changelog and release notes. Customize the style right inside Framer, connect your subscription form, and publish your website. All in a matter of a few minutes.The Updates template comes with:Adaptive Dark and Light ModeCMS-Powered ChangelogBuilt-in Search with ShortcutFeature OverviewFeature Detail pageSignup Page404 PageModifiable Colors, Fonts, and ComponentsMeaningful Motion States and Elegant Reveal AnimationInteractive Arrow Dynamics Background (Lite)View Demo Website

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Vitae – CV Framer Template

$29.00 - $299.00

Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with our animated one-page CV template, featuring customizable sections for About, Projects, Experience, Education, Awards, and Contact. Achieve technical excellence with a flawless Lighthouse Speed score in performance, SEO, best practices, and accessibility.Easily add content through componentsAdd your personal signatureHost your projects, experience, awards, and moreShow your contact detailsDemo website

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